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Founder Patrick Pursley is headed for the west coast today.  He will be in LA to promote Kid Culture.

We are looking for fresh talent for the next mix tape.  Contact us if interested. 


Is coming the summer of 2019.  If you have talent, let us know.

In  2018 $1,500 prize went to the Divine Dancing Dynasty (3D)  and Tre West won $250 in the Rap Cypher!

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Our Vision


To promote positive and motivated artists, empower urban youth to pursue other avenues including higher education to reduce gun and gang violence.  Please refer to our partner organization iamkidculture.org for additional information.



Patrick Pursley

Patrick Pursley was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to natural life almost 25 years ago. Prior to his wrongful arrest, Patrick was an event promotor. Recently his conviction was overturned and he was granted a new trial. While incarcerated, Patrick obtained a grant and took correspondence courses to become a highly skilled certified paralegal.

In an effort to prove his innocence, Patrick wrote an article which became a state statute in Illinois. With that new law, Patrick received new ballistic testing which led to his release. While in prison Patrick immersed himself in the pursuit of higher education taking numerous college level classes. Patrick continues to receive praise and support of the professors who taught these classes as well as others in the academic community.

While in prison, Patrick developed an alternative curriculum to reach at risk youth. The Kid Culture idea has been used by professors, teachers and volunteers in class rooms and gang peace circles. Since Patricks’ release he has continued his work building the Kid Culture Brand. He is the founder of Iamkidculture.org and Kid Culture Talent LLC. Patrick currently does speaking engagements and Skypes with students in classrooms to share his story.

Patrick is a writer and has been implementing a multimedia approach to build the Kid Culture brand combining marketing and trend setting with a positive message, empowering urban youth, reducing gun and gang violence and promoting higher learning.  In addition, Patrick has been working with Wrongful Conviction Consultants.  Patrick has the vision, ability and the motivation to develop the Kid Culture brand into a major entity.


Empowering urban youth, reducing gun and gang violence and promoting higher education


I started I AM KID CULTURE because I didn't want to see any more kids enter the criminal justice system.  Our goal is to give kids an outlet to help them stay out of prison.  

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Operations Manager

Susan Ward

Susan began a career in insurance in 1981 in Freeport Illinois. Over the course of several years she advanced to a management position before transitioning into a more technical level of claims. Currently she handles third party litigation for an international insurance company. Susan is responsible for making financial decisions and managing the funds available.

In 2006 Susan returned to school to obtain her nursing degree to enable her to participate in medical missions.In addition to her professional role, Susan has participated, organized and led medical missions to Haiti. Susan left Haiti shortly before the earthquake in 2010 and returned a couple months after the earthquake with a medical team. Susan truly has a heart for the people of Haiti as well as others throughout the world.

During her time in Haiti, Susan spent time at a boy’s orphanage and proceeded to adopt two sons. She has since brought another boy to the U.S. on an educational Visa when his adoption would not go through.Over the years Susan has coached and supported the Special Olympics and has been involved with community events.

In 2016 Susan took on a project renovating a four unit house to provide passive income. Through this project she has given a number of unemployed minority men the opportunity to work on the project and gain additional skills. The project has required significant financial planning and decision making to keep the project on track and under budget.

Susan’s ability to organize, manage finances and professionalism will make her an asset to Kid Culture Talent LLC.

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I started working with I AM KID CULTURE because.....

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Community Outreach

Juliette Burton

Juliette has professional experience in a number of areas working with the public.

She has initiative and can relate to most youth. Juliette has the ability to work

independently, is skilled at problem solving, networking and speaking engagements.

In addition to her professional role, Juliette is a volunteer with a Big Sister program

which provides the girls a big sister who they can relate to other than their mother.

Juliette wants to create opportunities for our youth to create a better future.

Having grown up with her own father incarcerated for 23 years for a crime he did not

commit, Juliette has a unique ability to relate to children growing up without a parent.

Juliette’s ability to interact with the public, organization skills, drive and determination

will make her an asset to Kid Culture Talent LLC.


I started working with I AM KID CULTURE because.....

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